Important correction to 1st Printing of Ari Figue’s Cat


MIssing epitaph! First printing of Ari FIgue’s Cat. Head of chap. 41, A Game of Pool, should be a quote from Plato’s Gorgias:
“…he who does injustice, the unjust man, is utterly wretched.”
Polus is incredulous, when Socrates tells him that the tyrant, who wields power freely and takes what he wants–that his life is wretched.
Ari Figue tells a story — seems he met Socrates in a bar in Overbrook (in the guise of Rufus). In the story, they play a game of pool as they consider the merit of this claim.
There are other errors (there always are)–but this one bothers me more. I think it’s important to the content.

One thought on “Important correction to 1st Printing of Ari Figue’s Cat

  1. Ah, now it all makes sense. I was totally lost before.

    Just kidding. Haven’t gotten that far yet. Interesting so far . . .


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