The Artist’s Eye: Photographs to Inspire

I need a camera so I can take pics of broken concrete, worn street pavement–for the series I’m working on. Theyre not representational, but improvizations of the patterns and tonal variations I see. I have a few pen and inks here on my blog, but no paintings yet (again, no camera). I do three sets: a pen & ink (and maybe watercolor), a woodcut, and an acrylic painting/mixed media. This photo of rocks is the kind of thing that captures my attention and makes me want to linger and explore with my eyes–which is what I hope viewers of my art will want to do with the pieces I make.

debi riley

My artist’s eye is quick to see what my friends and family often miss. I imagine you can relate! The artist’s eye never slumbers, never pauses.  Throughout the day, all day long … its constantly searching….  for textures, colours, shapes, lines, patterns and tones.

beach rock photo Esperance, WA Beach Rock Textures, Esperance W.A.

Maybe that explains why some are just a wee bit tired at the day’s end,  we’ve been very busy. Doing double duty!

Texture in Nature Photographs

I love the way the rocks and escarpments create textured craggy faces against the sky, and  how different trees have such unique textures to their bark.  Angophora with their cobalt violet skin and dimples, cedar with their maroon and burgundy scales, scribbly gums with the graffiti written all over their trunks.  My friends and family generally, don’t really notice such things. But I’m always looking for “Painting”  subjects and ideas!

I admit, I can…

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