What we see beneath our feet…


I’ve been doing pieces — riffs on broken pavement, streets and sidewalks. Last couple of days, one on those rubber paint cross walk markers on asphalt. I work on it. Think it’s finished. Walk down the street–see these patterns, and think–no, something here I need to add. Now, after my last session… I saw in it a suggestion of the WTC towers. There was nothing of this in mind while I was working, and it’s not overly obvious, but the suggestion was there, clearly pushing me in that direction even though I didn’t see it.
This is why I’m obsessed with pavement, street art… literally. Like poetry–when you describe one thing, and without conscience intention, find that you’ve described something else–something much more entangled in your psychic life and relationship to the world.
I pay extraordinary attention to the pavement, to what is beneath my feet when I walk. And I walk a lot. Several miles a day on a normal day. And many more on Street Medic runs, and other excursions. The patterns I see have the power of dreams for me–dreaming awake.
I think there will be many more of these to come.
I need a camera to be able to record them.. .both the streets & pavements, and the art I make too large to scan.

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