Dream-voice. Dream-thought. Making art without the words.


I dreamed… drempt… (never liked ‘dreamed’ as past tense. Just don’t sound right)… that I was painting. A very large–very long painting. Dream-voice said: good that you used your whole vocabulary of brush strokes. (Like with traditional Chinese paintings–different classes of strokes for … mountain, bamboo leaves, etc… only this was not representational). Then the thought-voice said

(there are dream-voices, and thought-voices, not the same. A dream voice is external to the dreaming subject, sometimes embodied, sometimes not. A thought voice is internal, but as though heard, like an external voice)… thought-voice said: don’t think about the banquet (thought I wasn’t painting a banquet… even though it was a very long painting, like a banquet table (?)) … said: don’t think about the banquet. Just paint without thinking about it and it will happen.

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