Sir, The Eagle Has Landed

THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • But It Speaks German
  • Not Russian or Italian
  • Seems Germany is conquering Europe
  • This time, not violently
  • Its Blitzkrieg is executed economically
  • Using the Euro, not the Mark
  • A shot to the brain, not the heart
  • Seems democracy is more vulnerable
  • To think tanks and banks
  • More than demolition from panzer tanks
  • Plotting and planning, damn the yanks
  • More devastated by corruption
  • Than Big Berthas and Krupp guns
  • General’ed by this un-elected invasion
  • Democratically appearing persuasion
  • By those selected, to profit
  • From death, debt, drugs and disease
  • Once down, you pay interest by pleading please
  • Groveling on your stomachs, tall on your knees
  • You are free, never released
  • You owe until Time is deceased
  • Relief is seeing your woes increased
  • Germany, the unseen, digital enemy
  • This televised demolition
  • The citizenry destroying their own country
  • Fighting an invisible enemy
  • Whose ideology, take more, when nothing’s left
  • Or by foreclosure, legal theft

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