#195 #196 #200 by Willard

Thinking again about Joseph Cornell’s boxes and my assemblages–especially the ones where I used window frames–mine are, with one exception, always looking out from a confined, ambiguous space, while the viewer/voyeur looks into Cornells’ nexted boxes. My dreams are often like that–I will be in a buiding of hallways and winding stairs searching for a way out, or climbing a hill or dune trying to make it an open body of water that seems to recede in the distance as I advance.

#195 From the Window Once in Fields Rose the Earth

#195   When Once from Fields Rose the Earth 61c63cm. roofing paper, red string, acrylic on cardboard, bathroom window frame


#196 Imaginary Landscap. 57x72cm Acrylic on composition board


#200 66x61cm Acrylic on composition board (lost in the Ox

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