Wintering Bikes

Citizen Sketcher

(This is an older post that got accidentally deleted – so, re-posting back up).

Here’s a slice of life in Montreal. The mournful sight of bikes rusting away in the snowbank.

There’s lots of reasons to bike in Montreal. The bike lanes pretty much go everywhere, and there’s nowhere to park a car anyway. Plus it’s greener and all that jazz. So lots of people bike. Some ride all winter – snow and sleet be dammed. We’re Quebeckers! Mon pays c’est l’hiver!

Here on the Plateau, people live in these 100 year old buildings with precarious external staircases. There’s no place in your tiny apartment for a bike even if you didn’t fall to your death trying to take it upstairs. So you’re always seeing them on the sidewalk, locked to a little iron railing, axle deep in the snowbank.

After the melt the streets are littered with these frozen…

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