Discussion Group: Art Beyond Capitalism


Discussion Group: Open Invitation to Artists and their Friends
A-Space, Philadelphia
Saturday, March 21. 7:00 PM

Tentative agenda

Art Beyond Capitalism: Distribution and Support for Artists Outside the System

Consensus for discussion on items below
Consensus for facilitator
Consensus for note taker

A group discussion to explore the place of artists in our commodity-investment driven economy

Tell us your experience with galleries, selling, finding support for your work.

For discussion:

What questions or ideas would you like to add to the list below?

Define what ‘success would mean for you?

Do you believe the best art/artists will always rise to the top? Why? why not?

For women, and POC. what has been your experience with the present marketing system?

Is there any alternative to the Gallery-to-Investor pipeline?

Individual versus collective alternatives

Do we want to meet again to continue this discussion?

Links to posts on Art & Capitalism

Poetry & Art on the Brink of Extinction: 

Art and Capitalism: there has to be a better way:


Making Art Outside the Machines of Power:

Art Artists Posterity in Post-Capitalist World

3 thoughts on “Discussion Group: Art Beyond Capitalism

  1. Are you an artist? What has been your experience with the “market?” Have you thought about, or tired alternatives? Is that something that interests you?


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