#1003 Tattered Web of Consciousness

#1003 Tattered Web of Consciousness 16″ x 20″ (40×50) Acrylic on Canvas
#1003 Tattered web of consciousness.JPG

In thinking about representation and abstraction in art, I’ve been inspired by Levi Paul Bryant–in particular, where he writes about the intersecting rings of the material and the symbolic. I think that abstract art, when it moves beyond pleasing the eye, can present the viewer with an enigma, an aporia, that suggests the possibility of symbolic meaning–while denying its realization. If, as I believe, all of our encounters with material reality, are invested with latent symbolic power–by forestalling that power it’s emergence, retaining it at the threshold, just out of reach– where it cannot be translated into language, or interpreted as anything other than what it is—mind, imagination, and perception, by this denial of closure, will remain radially open, and in this, we might yet find a path to revolutionary vision.


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