Two poems about Language, from 2014

Published in Connotations. (RIP).

True for both writing and art–when I look at older work, I’m often amazed that I made these, and at the same time, convinced that no one else could possibly like them, so might as well scrap them, or trash or paint – over.


#1025 Stonewall at 50

30″ x 48″ (77x122cm) Acrylic on canvas. For the Stonewall 50th anniversary Invitational
in June. Marsha P. Johnson, Jackie Hormona, Zasou Nova, Marty Robinson, Morty Manford, Robin Souza and Silvia Rivera: names engraved in this painting, some visible, some not, but all–and all who joined the uprising,  present in love and gratitude for their courage and rage.

#1025 Stonewall50.JPG
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