Goby’s Journal…

Less than 48 hours ago, I was way depressed. Rapid cycling… but not close to manic… no euphoria. But super focused on where I’m going with my art.
4 new paintings in 2 days.
I want to go over all my work–tag what belongs–marke the rest for paint-overs, give aways, super cheap sales.
Keep some marginal works–close to the path, if heading in the wrong direction.
Regret that there are pieces I gave away or trashed–that in retrospect, I see belonged.
Took me almost 7 years–but I know where I’m going now, what I want to do. 34 short of #1000…. this is gonna be a run!

Major trash/giveaway/cheap art sale coming up! And if you bought something along these lines for “Gallery prices”… let me know, and I’ll send you a couple of these free!