13×12″ Watercolor on 140lb Fabriano cold press paper, fixed to stretched canvas. Experimenting, thinking this is what I will do for extra large watercolors. I used acrylic gel to fix the paper to the canvas. No problems. The next painting I sell (so I can afford it) I’ll buy a roll of watercolor paper. Arches 44.5″ x 10 yds, cotton, watermarked 140lb cold press, rough. $153.60 … $119 at Blick. Work up to 60×44″
Commissions welcome! Have to work this out, but given material costs, I expect I would have to ask for $800 to $1200 for the largest work.
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#743 Final Working, Final Days

43×29″ Acrylic on canvas. The Romantic artists painted ruins because they were… romantic. I migrate toward ruins because I sense we are near the end of human existence.
The Corporate Elite are culling the masses, gathering in those who will become the feudal servants, button pushers, police, army and private guard of the few hundred elite who plan to survive after they wipe out most of the population of the planet. That’s what Fox and AM talk radio are about. Promoting racism, xenophobia, endless wars–all in preparation for global warming, it’s floods, storms, fires, famines and mass migrations to kill off the billions of surplus humans, so they can rule their world of robotic production, without the pretense of democracy or consent of the people.
That’s not science fiction. That’s what they’re doing. That’s what’s happening.

#743 Final working.JPGView my web portfolio here ART BY WILLARD
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Theory Matters

Larval Subjects .

In my intro philosophy courses I would say that one of my main priorities is to persuade my students that ideas matter.  The argument is drawn from Plato and is very simple.  Many actions– I say many, not all because any number of things can lead us to act –are based on our beliefs.  A belief is simply any statement that can be true or false.  Knowledge, if it exists, is one variety or species of belief; whereas opinion is another species of belief.  I keep it basic at this point.  “Opinion” is not synonymous with “subjective”, but is rather a conviction or belief that we hold to be true without knowing the demonstration for that belief.  In short, as problematic as it is, I take Plato’s thesis from Theatetus that knowledge is “justified true belief” when introducing this claim.  Thus, for example, I have the opinion that the…

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