#716 27.9 x 35.6cm Watercolor. I was looking out the window over my drawing table into the yard below.
How different than the view from the window, the distillation of the image. Because we see not one image, like a photo, but many, calling one to do another, and another. Whether representational or abstract, all art is nature, and of art, like nature, there is no end. View my web portfolio here ART BY WILLARD, and on Artfinder.
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green window view.JPG

One more on Artfinder

… and this, probly my last.

Reading posts in the forums on Artfinder, one mentioned a million dollars in sales, another, that there are 10,000 artists on Artfinder… ok, that comes to $10 an artist. Even if those figures were for a day–no one gonna live on ten dollars a day. And I think it was for a month, or a year.

AF is no better for artists, it seems, than any of the other rigged systems in capitalism.

There is no way to manipulate the capitalist machine to have it do other than what it’s built to do: make a very few people rich and powerful, and impoverishing and exploiting millions of others.

Artists need to get on board for revolution, and replace capitalism. It’s not just bad for artists, it’s going to destroy human life on this planet.


oops… should be $100 per artist. Which for a month or year, same point. oops…

Pick a Different Way of Working — Max Mallie’s Blog

Your Signature Style and Your Secret Style Many artists have a signature style or favorite subject for which they are well known. Rarely is it the case, however, that the acclaimed body of work is the only type of artwork these artists produce. Dawn Emerson, Cuong Nguyen and Andrew McDermott are three artists who are […]

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Artfinder (cont.)

Artfinder is a lot of work. I got up this morning at 6–was at work by 7, and uploaded my 20th photo around 8 PM. Pretty much working on setting up those 13 hours.
Have to stay off the forum… insufferable wanna be capitalists, who have no interest in understanding anything about ‘markets’ and ‘name-branding’, and the role those things play in shaping, and destroying any hope of a humanly habitable world–it’s all what they get out of it.
I got banned the first time I tried to use Artfinder... for “life” … I guess I rose from the dead, or they haven’t connected my new email address with my first intrusion.
I can put up what I make, with no pressure to conform to anyone’s taste, and can list a price with an “accept offers” button.
This is not a market geared to investors, and that’s a good thing. It’s more, home decoration oriented. I ain’t posting any photos of my art over an expensive sofa with carefully arranged cushions.
I wish I lived in the Ox now… I could post ‘context’ photos in the wastelands!
I’m getting lots of ‘likes’ for my art. And 4 got put in ‘carts.’ If I sell one or two a month, I’ll be happy. I’d like to post a few of my more outrageous political pieces–with outrageous prices. Just so peeps paging through the affordable stuff which I do want to sell, would see them.
Better than gathering dust in the basement…. though… they still are. Gathering dust. But not unseen.

Work in Progress #714

Painting as construction. I like to explore patterns and structures as viewed from the extremes of almost microscopic close-ups, and at great distance (as views of the ground from miles above)–patterns and structures structures rich in details, which to our eyes, seem almost unrelated to the the visual world on a human scale. I find myself drawn to images that have broken up into these macro and micro details, a crumbling and dis-integration of our visual world. Just beginning to get to the details on this painting.
Work in Progres #714.JPG
View my web portfolio here ART BY WILLARD
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