27.5 x 15 cm. Ink wash, pen & ink, watercolor.

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I feel like I should come up with a name for these. I find a lot in them–and enjoy looking at them. There’s a dynamic tension, things pulling apart, and a lot of detail. Abstract drawing. Decay of the capitalist state? I’m not sure what it is I’m after in making them. Letting accidents guide my my pen.

#636 Smash the State!

22″ x 20″ Black acrylic, white gouache, watercolor, pen and ink on 140 lb cold press Fabriano paper .
I’m turning to the idea of titles that simple reflect my mood, or extraneous thoughts at the time; these may or may not be descriptive of the work. In this case, the title appears in the painting, but so does ‘Train Wreck,’ ‘Sing,’ and several letters and numbers. As long as Trump is in the White House, and until we have a real revolution — I might name all my pieces, “Smash the State.”